The UN Secretary-General António Guterres stated it eloquently when he said that the boundless energy, cutting-edge ideas, and priceless contributions of youngsters around the world are crucial to the survival of humanity. “Humanity depends on the boundless energy, ideas and contributions of youth everywhere. Today and every day, let’s support and stand with young people in shaping a just and sustainable world, for people and planet.” This is particularly poignant on days like International Youth Day, especially as this year’s theme is: Green Skills for Youth: Towards a Sustainable World. This year, attention is once again focused on how important young people are in guiding society toward a more sustainable future.

In this era of rapid environmental change and growing ecological concerns, the significance of cultivating green skills among the youth has never been more evident.

Why Green Skills Matter

The concept of green skills goes beyond mere technical knowledge; it encompasses a holistic understanding of sustainable practices, environmental stewardship, and responsible decision-making. With the world facing critical challenges such as climate change, resource depletion, and environmental degradation, the need for individuals skilled in green technologies, sustainable agriculture, and eco-conscious entrepreneurship is more pressing than ever. More than ever, DDI, as an organization is advocating a commitment to cultivating green skills among the youth in addressing these challenges head-on.

DDI’s Approach to Green Skills

DDI is committed to a sustainable future deploying a multifaceted approach to the promotion of green skills. With a special focus on Agricultural Value Chain Development, DDI equips youth with the skills needed to enhance agricultural productivity while safeguarding the environment. Also, DDI’s Renewable/Off-Grid Energy Support initiatives not only provide access to clean energy but also empower young people to become advocates for renewable technologies. Additionally, the Youth Employability Enhancement and Entrepreneurship Program instils green principles in budding entrepreneurs, creating a ripple effect of eco-conscious business practices.

DDI off-grid program manager interacts with youth: Youth Day

Beyond International Youth Day

While International Youth Day serves as an annual reminder, it is our call that a commitment to nurturing green skills among young people should as a matter of urgent necessity extend far beyond a single day. As we move into the future, we are all reminded that our efforts should continue to shape a generation of change-makers who are equipped with the tools to drive sustainable development. By fostering a culture of environmental consciousness, we must all pave a path for the youth to create lasting impacts, innovate solutions, and champion a more resilient planet.

On this International Youth Day, DDI reiterates its steadfast commitment to empowering young individuals with green skills that will shape a sustainable future. The journey towards a more ecologically balanced world begins with the knowledge, values, and attitudes instilled in the youth today. As an organization, we remain committed to the global community’s position on collective green transition and transformation, where green skills become the cornerstone of a better tomorrow – not just for youth, but for generations to come.

Happy International Youth Day 2023!