On World Youth Skills Day 2023, we celebrate the inspiring journey of Adebanjo Adeniji, a 26-year-old male with a background in Agricultural Science, who transformed his career by participating in the USADF-LSETF employability program from Nov 2021 to March 2022, developing specific hard skills in front-end web development. He is currently excelling as a Training Facilitator and CEO of TruLance, a startup catering to the needs of MSMEs. This innovative initiative, a collaboration between the U.S. African Development Foundation (USADF) and the Lagos State Government with technical support from Diamond Development Initiatives, is equipping young people with the skills they need to thrive in today’s world. Adebanjo’s story exemplifies the transformative power of the program, propelling him from his educational foundation to a thriving career in the dynamic field of front-end web development.

“The USADF-LSETF program had a profound impact on my life and career aspirations,” says Adebanjo. With a background in agricultural science, he saw the program as an opportunity to explore a new path. Through hands-on training and mentorship, Adebanjo developed proficiency in HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, and React.Js. These skills equipped him to create engaging and user-friendly websites, opening doors to exciting career prospects in the digital industry.

“The program’s emphasis on life skills transformed my employability and entrepreneurial journey,” shares Adebanjo. Alongside technical training, the USADF-LSETF program also focuses on essential life skills such as adaptability, digital literacy, creativity, communication, and emotional intelligence. This holistic approach empowered Adebanjo to navigate diverse work environments, collaborate effectively, and build strong professional relationships.

Adebanjo’s professional growth was further propelled by a paid post-training internship facilitated by the program. “The internship provided practical exposure to real-world projects, allowing me to apply the skills I acquired during the training,” explains Adebanjo. This hands-on experience honed his problem-solving abilities, project management skills, and teamwork, preparing him for the demands of the industry.

As World Youth Skills Day is celebrated this year, Adebanjo shares an inspiring message for young people seeking to enhance their employment prospects: “Embrace every opportunity for learning and growth. Invest in yourself, be open to new experiences, and never underestimate the power of continuous skill development.” Adebanjo’s journey serves as a testament to the potential that can be unlocked with determination, resilience, and hunger for knowledge.

Reflecting on his experience, Adebanjo highlights the value of the supportive learning environment created by the USADF-LSETF program. “The camaraderie among participants fostered a sense of community, enabling us to exchange ideas, provide feedback, and inspire each other,” says Adebanjo. The program’s trainers and mentors nurtured a space where exploration and learning thrived, making the experience truly memorable and impactful.

Adebanjo Adeniji’s remarkable journey exemplifies the transformative power of the USADF-LSETF employability enhancement and entrepreneurship program. Through the acquisition of hard skills, development of life skills, and a supportive community, Adebanjo broke through traditional career boundaries and found success in front-end web development. His story serves as a reminder of the immense potential that lies within our youth. On this #WorldYouthSkillsDay, let Adebanjo’s journey inspire young people to seize opportunities, invest in their growth, and shape their futures in an ever-evolving world.