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Diamond Development Initiatives (DDI) is a Nigerian not-for-profit organization that complements the role of development agencies, donors, and other funding organizations by providing technical assistance in the design, planning and implementation of various development initiatives. Established in 2002, DDI harnesses a multi-sectoral ecosystem of government, business and social services, layering development, growth and strengthening of small and medium-scale grassroots businesses ā€“ particularly in agriculture, agro-based businesses, off-grid energy solutions, youth-led entrepreneurship development, and economic empowerment.

DDI operates from its headquarters in Abuja and maintains project offices in Lagos, Kebbi, Adamawa, Gombe, Borno and Yobe States while supporting the implementation of projects across 23 other states through the provision of technical assistance to, and strategic partnerships with indigenous community-based organizations, businesses, cooperative societies, vocational training organisations, producer groups, and government agencies with shared values. DDI has been actively involved in various development projects across Nigeria, spanning multiple sectors and geographic locations. In the USADF Nigerian Program, DDI has provided technical and programmatic support to USADF-funded cooperatives, CBOs, farmers, and producer groups across 16 states in Nigeria, focusing on SMEs, youth and women-owned enterprises, off-grid energy solutions, and youth employability enhancement.

DDI, a dynamic organization, excels in impactful initiatives by blending innovation and global best practices. Over two decades, DDI positively impacted over 600,000 smallholder farmers/households, 20,000 farmer/cooperative groups, SMEs, youth, and women entrepreneurs. By accelerating the adoption of evidence-based technologies, DDI continues to elevate living standards, improve health outcomes, enhance employability, and increase earning capacity for individuals and enterprises.

Nurturing Growth and Impact:

DDI’s Multi-Sectoral Endeavors Across Nigeria

With extensive local expertise, technical depth, and adept management, DDI leads diverse projects, including the ongoing USADF Nigerian Program, providing technical assistance to cooperatives and grassroots businesses. In the USAID Nigeria Feed the Future EIF Project (2023-2024), DDI partners with Mercy Corps Nigeria, emphasizing market linkage opportunities and financial accessibility while minimizing post-harvest losses.

Collaborating with GAIN in the SNiPS Home Gardening Project (2023-2024), DDI trains 5,000 households in Benue, Kaduna, and Nasarawa States, focusing on food safety and nutrition. The AGRA-PIATA Project (2021) saw DDI enhancing output market systems in Kaduna and Niger States through inclusive yet commercially viable value chain models. The STaR Project (2019-2021) spearheaded economic revitalization in the Lake Chad region, creating opportunities for thousands in Borno and Adamawa States.

In the World Bank/FGN MSME Project (2006-2007), DDI collaborated to elevate the competitiveness of MSMEs in the ginger industry in Kaduna State.

What Makes DDI Different?

DDI brings deep experience in strong institutional capacity, the ability to support projects in an efficient and cost-effective manner, while providing business support & enterprise management, agricultural commodity market access services, renewable/off-grid energy solutions, youth- women-led enterprises support, Grants Management, and employability enhancement programmes.

Our Impact


Smallholder farmers Empowered.


Off-Grid Energy Enterprises Supported


Coops, SMEs & CBOs Supported


Average size of grants managed

Our Mission / Vision / Approach / Values

Reaching the unserved and underserved


To build a society that provides equitable opportunities for self-actualization through economic empowerment and sustainable livelihood initiatives.


To have a society where everyone has an equitable opportunity for self-actualization.
Our Approach

DDI operates with a philosophy that is committed to the ideals of participatory and bottom-up development, ensuring that benefitting communities are actively involved throughout the process.

Our Core Values

Accountability, transparency, dedication & commitment; honesty & integrity; empathy for the poor; humility, and professionalism

Our Geographical Spread

DDI operates from its headquarters in Abuja, with project offices in Lagos, Kebbi, Adamawa, Gombe, Borno, and Yobe States, and supports projects in 23 other states.

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Featured Partners

Through robust financial management, M&E, and programme delivery systems, DDI has managed a portfolio of grants from, and strategic partnerships with, USADF, USAID, Chemonics, J4A, MCN, CRS, BMZ, AGRA, All-On, PIND, Lagos State, Kebbi State, etc.

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