Recently, DDI embarked on a landmark visit to Kebbi State with the aim of painting a vivid picture of the transformation and collaborative progress among several cooperative groups in the state. The representatives of DDI, including the Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist, Project Development Officer, and Communications Specialist, journeyed to assess the progress of cooperative groups that received funding from the partnership of the U.S. African Development Foundation (USADF) and the Kebbi State Government.

The USADF – Kebbi State Collaboration

The USADF-Kebbi State partnership is a five-year, $10 million agreement, with Kebbi State and USADF each contributing $5 million for five years to provide seed capital and technical assistance to local agribusinesses. The partnership provides financial support to farmer cooperatives, producer groups, and SMEs in Kebbi State. Its mission is to enhance Kebbi State’s market presence and bring about positive changes for individual farmers, institutions, and local communities by boosting product yields and income levels. Through this alliance, eight cooperatives across the rice, dairy, and groundnut sectors have benefited from financial assistance, including machinery and equipment as well as boosting their overall capacities. DDI is the implementing partner of the USADF in Nigeria and has been providing technical support to this initiative.

From acquiring essential farming equipment to rigorous training sessions in business management, financial planning, and technical capabilities, the groups have truly evolved. Some notable achievements include the establishment of groundnut and milk processing facilities, the drilling of boreholes and the establishment of fodder farms in pastoralists communities to provide all-year-round water and feed for pastoralists and their animals. Other notable achievements include the integration of diesel-powered generators, ensuring an uninterrupted power supply at the processing facilities.

The visit was also an opportunity to witness the tangible outcomes of the project. The DDI team, during their tour, was graced with a warm reception by Mr. Joel Aiki, the Permanent Secretary of the State Ministry of Agriculture. His words echoed the sentiment of gratitude towards DDI’s unwavering support, with a commitment towards ensuring the long-term success of these ventures.

DDI representatives with the Permanent Secretarty, Ministry Of Agriculture, Kebbi State

Several cooperative groups showcased their achievements during the visits, some of which included:

  • Dankwalli Cluster Rice Farmers Cooperative Association (DCRFCA)
  • Tondi Gada Women Multipurpose Cooperative Association (TGWMCA)
  • Birgin Jigawa Dairy Farmers Cooperative Association (BJDFCA)
  • Magaji Karaye Farmers’ Cooperative Association (MKFCA)
  • Gaskiya Dairy Farmers Cooperative Association (GDFCA)
  • Ambursa and Dawanau Groundnut Farmers’ Cooperative Association (DGFCA)

The energy was palpable, as members enthusiastically displayed their achievements and shared stories of transformation, growth, and community upliftment. The visit was immortalized with photos capturing the landscape, community engagements, and above all, the heartwarming smiles of the beneficiaries. From new farming equipment to improved skill sets, the cooperative groups are thriving and setting new benchmarks! Swipe to see the community in action!

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