Challenge: In Enugu State, Nigeria, the challenge was stark: a significant gender gap in skill-based employment, especially in the automotive sector. This gap resulted in a high percentage of women being financially dependent, with limited avenues for self-sustenance or contribution to their families. The automotive industry, booming with the rise in vehicle ownership, presented an untapped opportunity for women, traditionally sidelined from this male-dominated sector.

Action: AutoEase Services, recognizing this disparity, embarked on an ambitious project funded by a $10,000 grant from USADF, supported technically by DDI. The project aimed to train 30 women in auto refurbishment skills, such as panel beating, auto painting, upholstery, and auto detailing. This was not just about imparting technical skills; it was a holistic approach that included financial and emotional intelligence coaching, with the support of state government initiatives.

Result: The impact of this initiative was profound. AutoEase Services significantly expanded its workforce, adding 16 paid employees and 28 volunteers. Customer base and company revenue saw remarkable growth, with an increase in net income by 114%. More importantly, the program successfully trained 30 women with a 95% proficiency rate, effectively breaking stereotypes and opening new pathways for women in the automotive refurbishment industry. These women were not only skilled but were also integrated into a supportive network for ongoing mentoring and opportunity sharing, setting a precedent for sustainable empowerment and entrepreneurship.

AutoEase Services is a visionary automotive company in Enugu State, specializing in auto refurbishment. Beyond its commercial operations, it is deeply committed to societal development, particularly in empowering women with skills and opportunities in sectors traditionally considered out of their reach.