Challenge: Facing the immense challenge of waste management, with millions of metric tonnes of plastics and tyres ending up in landfills, the African Creative Sustainable Synergy Hub aimed to tackle the knowledge gap in waste valorization in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.

Action: With a $10,000 grant from USADF and technical support from DDI, the Hub set up the Waste Museum, procured essential machinery and equipment, and launched educational programs on sustainable waste management and organic gardening.

Result: The project has profoundly impacted the community, training over 2,000 individuals in organic gardening, educating 5,000 people on waste management, and increasing its customer base significantly. The Waste Museum has become an educational hub, attracting thousands of visitors and fostering collaborations with institutions like IITA.

African Creative Sustainable Synergy Hub is a social enterprise dedicated to creating a sustainable world by upcycling waste into functional products, in alignment with several United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Through education and innovation, they empower communities to contribute to a zero-waste ecosystem.