Today is Energy Efficiency Day 2021 (#EED2021). Commemorated on the first Wednesday in October, it is a collaborative effort of dozens of energy efficiency advocacy groups around the world to recognize and celebrate the multiple benefits of energy efficiency. As we share tips, tools and stories that promote the multiple benefits of energy efficiency, from lower costs to healthier homes, the story of Mama Audu readily comes to mind. Mama Audu is a 32-year-old mother of five who resides in Kaduna, North-Western Nigeria. She grew up cooking on a three-stone inefficient stove. Upon getting married, she continued the practice which resulted in incessant cough and teary eyes. One day, she came across a flier during a roadshow sensitization exercise organized by Methano-Green Clean Energy, a USADF-supported renewable energy company in Abuja. After a public demonstration of ‘LAAFIA Stove (generic name of Methano-Green Stove), she purchased one. Three months later, the story has changed: “LAAFIA Stove gives me joy anytime I use it to cook. It is non-smoky, and the cough and watery eyes caused by smoke are now a thing of the past,” enthused Mama Audu. However, the story of ensuring energy efficiency began earlier than that.

In 2019, Methano-Green Clean Energy was supported with a grant from USADF to scale up production. With this investment and technical support from DDI, many women are experiencing the same joy as Mama Audu, as Methano-Green Stove has manufactured and sold over 2,500 energy efficient cooking stoves across various states in Nigeria, directly benefitting over 11,000 persons and indirectly benefitting no fewer than 20,000 individuals. Since then, the company has witnessed a 145 per cent increase in income, created more job opportunities and created operational efficiencies. This support from USADF, according to Farouk, Methano-Green Clean Energy CEO, has helped in saving money, reducing pollution, and creating more jobs, in line with the central message for #EED2021. “It has also helped us to expand our network to government agencies and NGOs, which has resulted in creating a bigger reach and impact for us as an organization,” remarked Farouk,

With clean energy solutions like efficient cooking stoves – according to Adamu Garba, Executive Director of DDI – there is a significant social, health and economic benefit for the family. “Cooking time is reduced by at least 50 per cent, fuel efficiency is increased by at least 30 per cent; and there’s a significant reduction in harmful emissions and hence, improved health,” noted Mr Garba.

As we commemorate #EED2021, Mama Audu and 11,000+ others who have been served by this intervention, are clear examples that indeed energy efficiency results in significant benefits for the family – it saves money, cuts pollution, reduces energy waste, and creates jobs. #Happy #EnergyEfficiencyDay #EED2021