In Kaduna State, a region poised for agricultural transformation, Topstep recognized a pivotal opportunity to shift the paradigm. The ambition was not just about incremental growth but a seismic shift in the agricultural landscape—aiming to boost farmer incomes by 20% annually and catalyze the creation of 50,000 new farming jobs within five years. This vision was set against a backdrop of entrenched traditional farming methods that severely limited both productivity and income, highlighting a glaring need for innovative solutions to jumpstart the agricultural economy.

Action: Aided by a $100,000 USADF grant and DDI’s advisory, Topstep introduced solar-powered grain milling in Ikara and Makarfi, enhancing agricultural processing capabilities. 

Result: The fruits of this initiative were remarkable, touching the lives of over 500 farmers directly. By providing access to solar-powered milling, Topstep not only facilitated a more efficient way for farmers to process their produce for consumption and resale but also laid the groundwork for a more robust agricultural economy in the region. This model of solar-powered agro-processing has set a precedent, demonstrating the potential for renewable energy to drive economic growth and sustainability in agriculture, promising a brighter future for Nigerian agriculture.