Challenge: Sosai Renewables spotlighted Baawa and Kadabo in Kaduna State, where the agrarian lifestyle and red pepper cultivation faced setbacks due to inadequate drying facilities, leading to significant agricultural waste and economic losses. This situation reflects the broader energy and agricultural processing challenges in rural Nigeria, starkly contrasting with global advancements in agricultural efficiency and renewable energy integration.

Action: USADF’s $100,000 grant in 2014, complemented by DDI’s expertise, facilitated the deployment of two 10kW mini-grids and solar tunnel dryers, alongside training for women to manage these innovations, aiming to enhance both electricity access and agricultural productivity.

Result: By September 2018, 93 households were electrified, and the solar dryers were actively used for crop preservation, demonstrating a sustainable model that boosts income and empowers women, while positioning Nigeria closer to global standards in renewable energy and agricultural processing.