Challenge: In the Kwali Area Council, FCT, Nigeria, Havenhill Synergy identified three communities entirely devoid of electricity, reflecting a broader national challenge of energy access. This lack of electricity starkly contrasts with global advancements towards universal energy access, highlighting a critical need for sustainable solutions in Nigerian rural areas.

Action: Responding to this urgent need, USADF allocated $200,000 in grants across 2015 and 2018, complemented by DDI’s project management and business advisory support. The collaboration aimed to construct three solar-powered micro-grids, introducing clean, affordable electricity to these underserved communities.

Result: The project successfully installed three solar mini-grids with a total capacity of 70kWp, providing over 500 residential, commercial, public, and industrial connections. This venture not only bridged a significant gap in local energy infrastructure but also set a transformative precedent for renewable energy initiatives in Nigeria, illuminating the path towards a more sustainable and electrified future.