Challenge: In Nigeria, a significant energy access disparity exists, with many rural areas lacking electricity, starkly contrasting the global strides towards universal energy access. Ajima Farms identified two villages in the Kuje Area Council, FCT, emblematic of this challenge, where the absence of electricity hindered daily life, economic activities, and educational opportunities, mirroring a broader issue facing off-grid communities across Nigeria.

Action: USADF, recognizing the potential for sustainable solutions, provided a $150,000 grant in 2014, with DDI offering project management and business advisory support. The project aimed to harness biogas technology to electrify Rije & Kuyizhi communities through modular-sized biogas plants, setting a benchmark for renewable energy deployment in rural Nigeria.

Result: The project’s successful execution led to the provision of off-grid electricity for 92 households and 4 businesses, transforming the communities with a reliable energy source. This initiative not only illuminated homes but also showcased the viability and scalability of biogas technology in addressing Nigeria’s rural electrification challenges.