Challenge: In Nigeria, the stark reality of breast and cervical cancer poses a significant threat to women’s health, exacerbated by low awareness and limited access to affordable screening services. With breast self-examination practices and clinical screenings alarmingly low, the need for comprehensive education and accessible healthcare services has never been more critical.

Action: Supported by a $50,000 ADF grant and DDI, The Blue-Pink Center for Women’s Health launched a project to enhance cancer awareness and provide essential screening services in underserved Lagos communities, including the procurement of crucial medical equipment and the establishment of a dedicated healthcare facility.

Impact: This initiative successfully commissioned a fully equipped cancer screening facility, reaching 13,892 patients within the first year and significantly growing its customer base to 1,250. By recruiting clinical and administrative staff and launching an HPV vaccination campaign, the project has set a sustainable path forward, earning national and international recognition and fostering valuable partnerships.

The Blue-Pink Center for Women’s Health is a community-focused initiative dedicated to reducing cancer morbidity and mortality by improving access to education and affordable screening services in Lagos, Nigeria.