The Off-Grid/Renewable Energy Portfolio: Empowering Communities with Sustainable Energy Solutions

An estimated 95 million Nigerians do not have access to power supply from the national grid, and those with access to grid-connected electricity suffer inconsistent power supply or prolonged blackouts, due largely to an installed capacity of 12,522MW that generates not more than 5,000MW for over 200 million people. Welcome to Diamond Development Initiatives’ Off-Grid/Renewable Energy Portfolio.

At DDI, we recognize the critical role of clean energy in creating resilient and empowered communities. Our focus is on providing sustainable power solutions to underserved and unserved areas in Nigeria. Since 2002, we have been working closely with local energy entrepreneurs to deploy innovative off-grid and renewable energy solutions across the country.

Our Approach:DDI adopts a community-centric approach, ensuring that the design and implementation of our off-grid energy projects align with the unique needs and aspirations of the communities we serve.

Key Initiatives

  1. Collaboration with Local Entrepreneurs: We partner with local energy entrepreneurs, fostering collaboration to deploy off-grid solutions tailored to the specific energy needs of communities.
  2. Solar Power Solutions: Harnessing the abundant sunlight in Nigeria, we promote the widespread adoption of solar power solutions. This includes solar home systems, micro-grids, and community-scale solar installations.
  3. Impactful Community Engagement: DDI believes in the power of community engagement. We work closely with local leaders and residents to ensure that our energy solutions contribute to community development and empowerment.
Success Stories:

Highlighting a few of our notable achievements:

  • Salpha Energy’s Illumination: With a USADF grant, Salpha Energy illuminated over 2,000 homes and businesses in Akwa Ibom State. Beyond providing light, this initiative created jobs and prepared graduates for careers in the solar industry.
  • Auxano Solar’s Breakthrough: Supported by a combined $100,000 from USADF and All On, Auxano Solar made history as Nigeria’s first solar panel-producing company. Their impact reached beyond energy, training over 600 youths.
  • GVE Projects’ Community Transformation: Backed by a $100,000 USADF grant, GVE Projects brought light to the Egbeke community, Rivers State. The project extended to deploying solar mini-grid solutions across Nigeria, transforming markets into green, generator-free economic clusters.
Our community selection process involves a thorough assessment of energy needs, collaboration with local leaders, and a commitment to addressing areas with limited or no access to reliable power.
We focus on a range of solutions, including solar home systems, micro-grids, and community-scale solar installations, ensuring flexibility to meet diverse energy requirements.
Sustainability is a core principle. We engage in community capacity building, local entrepreneurship development, and ongoing maintenance to ensure the longevity of our projects.
Absolutely. DDI believes in participatory development. We actively involve communities in the decision-making process, ensuring our solutions align with their unique needs and aspirations.
Our Commitment to Sustainable Energy:

DDI remains committed to advancing sustainable energy solutions that not only provide access to power but also catalyze economic growth and improve overall community well-being. Join us on this journey as we continue to light the way towards a brighter, more sustainable future.

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