A Catalogue of Off-Grid Energy Projects

Diamond Development Initiatives (DDI), the Local Implementing Partner of the U.S. African Development Foundation (USADF) in Nigeria, has catalyzed the growth of sustainable energy access through its support of over 60 innovative off-grid energy projects. With funding from USADF and All On (an impact investor seeded by Shell) DDI has since 2014, deployed its expertise to empower local energy entrepreneurs, facilitating the expansion of their services to create more than 10,000 energy connections across 22 Nigerian states, dramatically impacting both households and businesses. Beyond project execution, DDI’s contributions encompass technical assistance, business advisory, and capacity-building services, as well as access to follow-on financing, to enhance the development of the off-grid energy sector in Nigeria. The following list highlights the diverse and transformative off-grid energy projects that have flourished under DDI’s guidance.

In 2014, Green Village Energy Project's electrification in Rivers State not only powered 140 homes but also paved the way for community-wide technological advancement and economic development with its 20kW capacity.
Tage PLC's 8kW cold storage facility created in Kuru Jos in 2014 has been pivotal in reducing post-harvest losses for 117 farmers, thus enhancing the agricultural productivity of smallholder farmers in the communities.
In 2014, Topstep Nig Ltd introduced an 11.25KW capacity solar grain milling facility in Kaduna, which has been instrumental in increasing the income and efficiency of 500 local farmers.
A biomas electrification project by Quintas Renewable Energy was initiated in 2014 in Ofosu, Ondo State, with a 100kW capacity, and was aimed at empowering 230 households and 30 businesses to transition to renewable energy sources.
The 42kW solar electrification project by Sky Resources Nig Ltd in 2014 in Orsu, Imo State, not only powered 75 micro-businesses but also fostered an environment of economic self-sufficiency.
In 2014, Ginphed Nig Limited initiated an 80kW biogas project in Cross River State which was targeted at significantly reducing the carbon footprint of 110 households, embracing clean energy for a sustainable future.
Ajima Farms' biogas project in 2015 has secured a more reliable and clean energy source for 50 households and 10 businesses in Abuja, leading to improved living standards.
Kunak Foundation's 2015 initiative at Yakowa Market in Kafanchan, Kaduna with a 7.5kW system has revolutionized the local food market by providing vendors with sustainable energy for food preservation.
The solar mini-grid by Havenhill Synergy in 2016, with 20kW/10kW, has been a cornerstone for FCT's development, empowering 145 households and 5 SMEs with reliable energy.
Sosai Renewables' 2016 initiative in Kaduna has not only provided a 20kW solar mini-grid but has also been a beacon of clean energy adoption for 50 households.
The installation of Solar Cold Kiosks by GoSolar Africa in 2017, with 25kW in Lagos & Oyo, has significantly increased the shelf life of perishables for 150 farmers, ensuring food security and enhancing incomes.
The 2017 hydropower feasibility study by AFE Babalola University in Ekiti State has the potential to become a sustainable energy model for educational institutions and surrounding communities with its proposed 3MW capacity.
Havenhill’s 2018 mini-grid project in Kwali, FCT, with a 40KW capacity, has fostered a vibrant community by providing energy that powers local businesses and homes.
Solmenz's 25KW mini-grid, created in 2018, has been a linchpin for Niger State's agric hub, fueling economic activity and providing a reliable energy source for 250 households.
The solar-powered refrigeration by Eastwind Lab in 2018, with a 20KW capacity, has brought essential cooling services to an energy-starved urban population in Osun State, enhancing the quality of urban life.
The 2018 project by Creeds Energy has made significant strides in Jos & Rivers State by installing 100 solar systems of 500W each, offering SMEs an opportunity for growth through energy independence.
Auxano Solar's 2018 increase in solar panel production by 44% in Lagos has made significant contributions to local renewable infrastructure, assembling approximately 3700 units and bolstering the solar energy supply chain.
iKabin’s innovative solar recharging kiosks were introduced in Lagos and Delta States in 2018. The aim was to bring renewable energy closer to the public with the potential of impacting millions of Nigerians with accessible, sustainable power solutions.
The 20KW mini-grid by Prado Power in 2018 in Jakande Community, Ondo State, has provided a steady and reliable power source, fostering both residential comfort and commercial vitality.
Darway Coast's establishment of two solar micro-grids in 2018 in Rivers State, with a combined capacity of 33.2kWp, has illuminated the lives of two previously off-grid communities, introducing them to the benefits of sustainable energy.
A4&T's 20kW mini-grid in Ondo State's Ugbo-Nla town in 2018 was a transformative project, enriching the lives of over 1,500 residents with reliable energy.
In 2018, Alyx Limited initiated a mobile refrigeration trailer project with the purpose of providing critical cooling services to Kaduna's rural communities, enhancing market longevity for farmers' produce.
The 50kWp mini-grid by Sholep Energy Ltd. in 2019 in Osun State fortified the region's energy infrastructure with 720 new connections.
ICE Commercial Power’s 2019 micro-grid initiative across Edo & Delta State plazas fortified local businesses with a reliable 70kWp energy supply.
Protergia Nigeria Ltd.’s 30kWp mini-grid project in 2019 in Ondo State enabled 40 commercial customers to thrive with enhanced energy access.
Pirano Energy Limited's 62kWp micro-grid in Lagos State in 2019 bolstered the operations of six commercial customers, fueling local economic advancement.
ACOB Lighting Technology Limited's 50kWp mini-grid in 2019 brought a new dawn of electricity to Ondo State's Obadore Community, brightening 260 connections.
Sosai RE Company’s 2019 initiative brought sustainable energy to Kaduna State with a 10kWp system that empowered 25 businesses, 70 farmers, and electrified 135 households.
In 2019, Greenage Technologies Power Systems Ltd connected 250 households with 75kWp solar systems, sparking a significant shift towards clean energy in multiple Nigerian states.
The 30kWp mini-grid by Entric Power Systems Ltd, launched in 2019, brought sustainable power to three communities in Rivers State, fostering local growth and innovation.
The 56KwP mini-grid by Ashdam Solar, initiated in Ondo in 2020, became a symbol of progress, ensuring reliable energy for 96 connections.
Salpha Energy's deployment of 200 kWp solar home systems in Akwa Ibom State in 2020 brought a new dawn of energy to over 2,000 households.
Sunhive Limited’s battery assembly and recycling project in 2020 in Lagos delivered advanced energy solutions to a diverse clientele, including DHL.
The 2020 rollout of solar capsules by Reeddi Technologies across Lagos, Ibadan, and Ogun State, supported by a team of ambassadors, illuminated numerous lives.
Allbase Technologies installed 45 solar home systems in Lagos in 2020, with a total capacity of 135 kWP, showcasing the practical benefits of clean energy.
The 50KwP mini-grid from Covenant Plus Engineering in 2020 in Ondo connected 484 households, knitting a fabric of energy independence and ecological living.
Vesselnet Integrated's 60kWP mini-grid brought electricity to the Ajana-Ejidokun community in Ondo State in 2020, energizing both the economy and the spirit of the community.
Solarworld's innovative solar and biogas hybrid project for palm oil processing in Osun is setting new sustainability benchmarks for the industry.
The 40Kwp solar mini-grid by BOLS N SELS in Akwa Ibom is providing not only electricity but also essential cooling solutions, enhancing the quality of life and economic stability.
Green Power's initiative in Ondo, channeling 60KWP of solar energy to 600 households, reflects the profound impact of solar technology on improving everyday living conditions.
First Electric's project is currently equipping 700 Ondo businesses with solar lanterns and enhancing energy autonomy for 300 entities with solar generators, collectively embodying a 115KWP vision of sustainable commerce.
Elvees Engineering is redefining Imo's palm oil production by integrating solar technology into 24 businesses, a move poised to yield long-term environmental benefits.
Manamuz Electric's initiative in Enugu is set to revolutionize preservation practices for 1500 farmers and vendors with a pioneering solar-powered cold storage system.
Alabaster is actively facilitating a transition to solar for 500 farmers in Lagos & Edo, safeguarding the freshness and viability of their produce through innovative cold storage transport solutions.
Uwana Energy's project in Delta & Lagos is casting a light of hope, offering 750 households access to sustainable energy via solar home systems.
A1 Power is contributing to Lagos' urban sustainability by providing 650 customers with solar-powered cold storage, a crucial step towards enhancing food security and quality.
Sendavis is nurturing the growth of Cross River communities with a 40Kwp clean energy initiative, empowering local agriculture and processing capability.
Ceesolar's project is illuminating lives in Cross River with 27KWP, bringing renewable energy to 120 customers and sparking a wave of eco-conscious development.
Renerworld's 2022 project across Nigeria is powering the dreams of 190 technology professionals with solar home systems, fuelling innovation.
Niteo's 2022 off-grid energy project in Ondo is planting the seeds of change with a 35 kWP solar micro-grid, set to empower 29 customers with renewable resolve.
Pam Africa's 2022 off-grid energy project in Osun is sowing the solar energy benefits for 122 residents and businesses, nurturing socioeconomic growth with 60 kWP of clean power.
Tudu Energy's 2022 award in Lagos and Rivers states is casting a wide net of 63KWP, catching the energy needs of 630 customers with the promise of sustainability.
The 2022 solar water pump and home system project by Energy Assured in Bauchi aims to revolutionize irrigation for 200 smallholder farmers, bringing innovation to traditional farming methods.
With a 2023 initiative in Niger, Spunvertek Limited is setting the stage for enhanced rice cultivation by providing farmer groups with solar-powered water pumping systems.
Auxano Solar has advanced the solar energy sector in Lagos by establishing a 100MW Auto Solar PV Manufacturing plant, targeting a significant boost in production.
A 1,000 KWP solar micro-grid project by GVE Projects Limited in Abuja, initiated in 2023, is on track to deliver reliable energy to over 2155 traders, demonstrating the impact of sustainable power solutions. This groundbreaking Wuse Market project in Abuja aims to reduce emissions and transform the market into Nigeria's first green, generator-free economic cluster.
Fedironics Limited in Anambra is underway with a project to assemble 6,000 smart meters, streamlining energy management and fostering efficiency.
A multi-state project by Ave Health Sense is in progress to equip healthcare facilities with clean energy solutions, aiming to improve healthcare service quality.
In Ondo, Protergia Limited's installation of two solar mini-grids is not just electrifying communities but also ensuring access to clean water, showcasing the versatility of renewable energy.
A 60kWp Hybrid Solar PV mini-grid by Acob Lighting is currently in development for Sule and Abapanu Communities in Edo, illuminating a path towards sustainable community development.
The solar mini-grid project by Darway Coast, featuring a 500kWp installation in Ogun, is set to catalyze a transition to renewable energy for the Ibaragun communities.

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