About the Project:

The USAID Nigeria Feed the Future Enterprise Investment Fund (EIF) Project, spanning from 2023 to 2024, marks a strategic collaboration between Diamond Development Initiatives (DDI) and Mercy Corps Nigeria (MCN). Building upon the achievements and lessons learned from the previous project (the RRA), DDI is intensifying efforts to integrate producer organizations with key actors in agricultural value chains across Borno, Adamawa, Yobe, and Gombe (BAYG) states. The project’s core strategies include establishing Post-harvest and Quality Management Associations (PHQMA) and Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLA), with a focus on boosting employment opportunities, enhancing financial accessibility, and reducing post-harvest losses.

The Role of DDI:

DDI, as a key partner, plays a pivotal role in orchestrating the EIF Project. Drawing on lessons from the concluded Feed the Future Nigeria Rural Resilience Activity, DDI is dedicated to strengthening the linkages between over 700 producer organizations and vital value chain actors in the agricultural sector. The organization aims to address existing constraints faced by producer organizations, such as limited access to agri-inputs, weak linkages, and challenges in market and financial support.

Expected Milestone Achievement:

The Enterprise Investment Support for Producer Organizations project outlines clear milestones, including the establishment of 50 additional PHQMAs and 100 VSLAs. These initiatives are expected to create employment opportunities, particularly for women, youth, and internally displaced persons (IDPs). Additionally, DDI seeks to enhance linkages between producer organizations and crucial value chain actors, fostering a more robust and sustainable agricultural ecosystem in the BAYG states.

Expected Impact on Communities:

DDI’s intervention is designed to have a profound impact on rural communities in BAYG states. By facilitating the formation of PHQMAs and VSLAs, the project aims to reduce post-harvest losses, improve produce quality, promote a savings culture, and enhance access to credit and financial services. The overall goal is to advance agricultural productivity, promote rural resilience, and empower local communities.

Acknowledgement of Stakeholders:

DDI acknowledges the crucial partnership with Mercy Corps Nigeria in executing the EIF Project. DDI expresses gratitude for the ongoing support and commitment of USAID and all stakeholders, working together to achieve the project’s objectives and outcomes.