Hearty congratulations to @USADF Grantee – Havenhill Synergy Ltd for winning the Microgrid Greater Good Award for a remote system. Your Kigbe Solar Mini-grid project has engendered a boost of the community’s economic activities, with several businesses like small-scale grocery stores, hair salons, soccer-viewing centres, etc. now depending on the grid, which was supported by @USADF, Power Africa, African Development Bank Mini-Grid HelpDesk and Inensus GmbH, with technical & programmatic assistance from @DDINigeria.

It has fostered gender equality, “by providing seed capital to the first female entrepreneur within the community, exemplifying once again that aside from access to electricity, a mini grid can do more, including provision of jobs, entrenching gender equality, women empowerment, enhanced health outcomes via access to clean water, education, and improved quality of life. Congratulations to Havenhill Synergy Ltd. Indeed, you are on a mission to end blackout in Nigeria!

Read more about the award here: https://microgridknowledge.com/microgrid-greater-good-award-ghe/