Date of Issue of Request: September 09, 2020

Deadline for Offers: October 02, 2020

Description: Call for Proposals for Agri-SMEs’ Participation in Online Agribusiness Investment Deal Making Workshop

For: Feed the Future Nigeria Agribusiness Investment Activity (FTF)

Funded By: USAID

Implemented By: CNFA/ Connexus Corporation

Submit Proposals to:

  1. Introduction to Offerors:

The USAID-funded Feed the Future Nigeria Agribusiness Investment Activity (“the Activity”) aims to strengthen the business enabling environment to promote private sector investment in agriculture in Nigeria through a 5-year activity that is being implemented by CNFA. The Activity will work with these lead firms, and the producers and service providers within their supply chains, to help them realize their growth plans. The Agribusiness Investment Activity’s partnerships with lead firms and financial entities will help integrate producers, aggregators, and other small and medium enterprises (SMEs) into more sought-after roles within the lead firms’ value chains for rice, maize, soy, aquaculture, and cowpeas. The target states include Niger, Delta, Cross River, Kebbi, Ebonyi, Kaduna and Benue. Overall, the sales volumes and profits of all actors within these market systems (including lead firms) will have increased as the result of streamlined regulations, more effective policies, and increased access to finance and investment. This workshop is designed to facilitate relationships and knowledge building between agribusinesses seeking equity investment and potential equity investors, with an end objective to support investment deals, ranging in size from US$50K to $5 million, in the target agricultural value chains (rice, maize, soy, aquaculture and cowpeas).

As part of these efforts, the Activity will hold a virtual “Agribusiness Investment Deal Making Workshop” on November 05, 2020 from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM GMT. This one-day virtual event will bring the most promising Agric-SMEs to pitch their business opportunities to potential investors. These agribusinesses will gain exposure to multiple investors, build their networks, and receive valuable feedback to prepare them for future investment opportunities. Participating investors will benefit from having access to a pool of hand-picked, investment-ready agribusiness for them to consider for their own investment portfolios. The Workshop will also provide key insights on the agribusiness investment community as whole by sharing lessons learned for the creation of similar events in the future.

To present a strong pool of participating Agric-SMEs for this Workshop, the Feed the Future Nigeria Agribusiness Investment Activity is seeking interested and investment-ready agri-businesses that are interested in submitting their candidacy for this deal-making opportunity. Presenters will be selected from those candidates that present a viable investment opportunity according to the instructions, terms, and conditions described in this Solicitation. Failure to adhere to the instructions may lead to disqualification.

  1. Offer Deadline and Protocol:Proposals must be received not later than 12:00 PM, Nigerian Time on October 02, 2020. Proposals must be submitted Proposals received after the specified time and date will be considered late and reviewed only at the discretion of the reviewers.
  2. Evaluation:Selections will be made of Agric-SMEs that follow the instructions, meet the eligibility

requirements, and are determined to be the best candidates based on the evaluation criteria below:

  • Businesses should be Agric-SMEs, focused on one or more of the following States in Nigeria: Niger, Delta, Cross River, Kebbi, Ebonyi, Kaduna and Benue.
  • Investments must be to support one or more of the target agricultural value chains: rice, maize, soy, aquaculture, and cowpeas.
  • Agric-SMEs must be seeking equity investment, willing to share ownership since this workshop aims to connect SMEs with potential equity investors.
  • Investment deals must range in size from US$50K to $5 million (approximately 19 million to 1.9 billion Naira).
  • The proposal should describe the nature of the business, business model, industry, and provide a market analysis and financial projections demonstrating the anticipated return on investment.
  • The pitch should also clarify the business’ revenue sources, cost structure, competitive advantage, key business drivers, and identified market opportunities.
  • Proposals must also identify the key risks to business continuity as well as the mitigating factors;
  • Should include a description of management, governance, and ownership structure.
  • Presentation and analysis of financial statements must include the valuation of the business (an estimation is acceptable), size of equity injection requested, and what percentage of the business the owner is willing to sell
  • Businesses must address any potential negative environmental impacts that could result from the investment and how those risks will be mitigated.
  1. Selection:Interested agri-businesses seeking equity investment and looking to be considered for the upcoming “Agribusiness Investment Deal Making Workshop” are encouraged to participate in the SME Pitch Session Training on September 22, 2020 at (10 AM to 4:00 PM GMT) for additional details on what participating investors will be looking for, and on how to submit an effective proposal. Interested participants should submit their business’ name, name and email of representatives attending, and the estimated amount of funding they are seeking based on business valuation no later than 12:00 PM, Nigerian Time on September 18, 2020.

Proposals for a slot in the workshop itself will be accepted until October 02, 2020, by 12:00 PM Nigeria Time.

Additional questions regarding anything in Call for Proposals of SME Pitch Session Training can be directed to

Formatting Instructions: All offers must be formatted in accordance with the below requirements:

  • The Proposals must be submitted in a business plan format, but no more than 20 pages; and

MUST also adhere to all the guidelines stipulated in the selection criteria above.

  • English language only
  • The cover page should include the name of the company, point of contact’s name and their email address, and date; this page does not count towards the maximum page count.