In recognition of its commitment to building a society that provides equitable opportunity for self-actualization through economic empowerment and sustainable livelihood initiatives, Diamond Development Initiatives (DDI) has received an international recognition award as the Most Outstanding Community Development and Youth Empowerment Organization of the Year 2019, at the Pan African International Recognition Award and Annual Discourse (PAIR AWARDS) held on August 18, 2019, at the Swiss Spirit Hotel & Suites, Accra, Ghana.

With the 2019 discussion theme as Driving Economic Growth and Sustainable Development through Good Governance; Improving Structures and Policies in Africa, the award has once again demonstrated DDI’s leading role in facilitating the growth and strengthening of grassroots businesses as well as fostering development-focused initiatives.

The Pan African International Recognition Awards and Annual Discourse is an annual international event that focuses on expanding the discussion on ‘the challenges confronting Africa, proffer lasting solutions to those challenges, honour individuals and organizations in different categories, those who have brought notable political, socio-economic achievements etc. on the continent.’

With relevant and varied topics selected each year to be extensively discussed by distinguished panelists, the award night and conference has remained a platform to put the spotlight on the problems that impede leadership, good governance, and several socio-economic, political, educational, environmental, insecurity and unemployment problems bedeviling the African continent while spelling out measures that can position Africa to attract foreign investors, curb insecurity, promote development and create jobs.

Among other things, the awards sensitize African leaders on the need to embrace good governance, accountability, integrity, and rule of law; promote sustainable economic growth and social-political development in Africa; showcase and honour credible leaders, organizations and individuals who are contributing in the development of Africa; encourage leaders in various position in authority to see leadership as a call to service and as a basis for sustainable development; create more awareness on the need for honesty and transparency at all levels of governance and leadership in Africa; and bring together African leaders, government institutions, research institutions, development institutions, investors, academic and private sector to discuss and proffer solutions to the challenges of unemployment, terrorism, insecurity and corruption.