Challenge: Nigeria faces a daunting challenge with half of its population being youth, of whom 25.7% are disengaged from education, employment, or training. This alarming statistic underscores a critical need for actionable solutions to enhance employability among this demographic.

Action: HoneyTreat Trade Academy, leveraging a co-funded grant of $108k from the US African Development Foundation (USADF) and the Lagos State Employment Trust Fund (LSETF), embarked on a mission to transform the lives of Nigerian youths. The academy proposed to equip 120, later increased to 200, unemployed residents of Lagos State with vital skills across various construction trades, including masonry, electrical wiring, plumbing, and painting. This initiative was part of the broader USADF-LSETF Employability program, aiming to bridge the skill gap and foster job creation.

Result: The outcome was a resounding success. Over two years, HoneyTreat Trade Academy trained 200 students, with females making up 15% of the cohort. This intervention not only enhanced the skill set of the participants but also significantly boosted their employability. An impressive 75% of the trainees secured job placements, while 25% embarked on entrepreneurial ventures, contributing to a notable increase in skilled labour within Lagos and, by extension, Nigeria. This success story, underpinned by the strategic collaboration between USADF, LSETF, and the technical assistance provided by Diamond Development Initiatives as the implementing partner of the USADF in Nigeria, highlights a scalable model of youth empowerment through vocational training and job creation.