Challenge: Nigeria’s vast youth population, with 25.7% disengaged from education, employment, or training, represents both a challenge and an opportunity for growth. Recognizing this, the USADF-LSETF Employability program aimed to harness the potential of these young individuals by offering them skills that would significantly improve their employability and creative capacities.

Action: Derwin Productions Enterprises, with a $69k grant from USADF and LSETF facilitated by Diamond Development Initiatives (DDI), initiated a training academy focusing on film and television production. This program was designed to empower creative youths in Lagos, providing them with the necessary skills to thrive in the competitive creative arts sector.

Result: The initiative was a resounding success, training 180 students, nearly half of whom were females, over a year. Remarkably, 92% of these participants secured placements, with many venturing into producing short movies, becoming trainers, or joining film crews. This endeavour not only enhanced employability but also fostered a significant uplift in income generation and creative skill sets among Lagos’s youth, contributing to the vibrant cultural tapestry of Nigeria.