About the Project:

The Home Garden Initiative, a collaborative effort between GAIN and Diamond Development Initiatives (DDI), addresses nutritional challenges in Nigeria. It empowers local farmers in Benue, Kaduna, and Nasarawa States to cultivate nutritious foods in their homes, promoting sustainable and healthy living. Building on this success, the GAIN SNiPS Home Gardening Project extends the initiative to train an additional 5,000 households in the same states.

The Role of DDI:

DDI plays a central role in designing and implementing these projects, leveraging its expertise to create impactful home gardening programs. The organization is committed to promoting agronomic best practices, ensuring access to quality seeds, and fostering sustainable outcomes.

Expected Results:

Launched in Benue, Kaduna, and Nasarawa States, the initiative plans to achieve significant milestones by training over 5,000 households and providing essential farming inputs. Anticipated milestones for the GAIN SNiPS Home Gardening Project include the establishment of thriving home gardens and improved food safety for all participants.

Expected Impact on Communities:

The project will positively impact communities by empowering households to grow their own nutritious food. By fostering home gardening, DDI and GAIN contribute to improved health and well-being in targeted states, addressing nutritional challenges.

Acknowledgement of Stakeholders:

DDI expresses sincere appreciation to GAIN for its collaboration in realizing the objectives of the Home Garden Initiative and the ongoing GAIN SNiPS Home Gardening Project. The success of these projects is a testament to the strong partnership between the two organizations.