About the Project:

The AGRA-PIATA Project was titled: Technical Assistance for Strengthening Output Market and Financial Systems in Targeted Commodity Supply Chains within Kaduna and Niger States. It was a collaborative initiative between Diamond Development Initiatives (DDI) and the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA), aimed to enhance output market systems in Kaduna and Niger States. Focusing on inclusive yet commercially viable value chain models, the project sought to uplift the livelihoods of small-scale farmers and various value chain actors.

The Role of DDI:

DDI played a crucial and central role in implementing and shaping the AGRA-PIATA Project. Leveraging its expertise, DDI actively contributed to enhancing market systems in both Kaduna and Niger States. The organisation’s efforts were directed towards the creation of sustainable value chains that benefitted all stakeholders involved.

Milestone Achievement:

The AGRA-PIATA Project achieved significant milestones during its implementation. One notable accomplishment was the establishment of more inclusive and commercially viable value chain models. Through collaborative efforts, DDI and AGRA successfully fostered economic opportunities in the targeted states, contributing to the overall growth and development of the regions.

Impact on Communities:

The positive impact of the AGRA-PIATA Project extended to the communities involved. By creating more inclusive market systems, the project led by DDI ensured sustainable growth and economic empowerment for local stakeholders. DDI’s commitment to commercial viability played a pivotal role in advancing the well-being of communities in Kaduna and Niger States.