Program Philosophy

DDI Program philosophy

Diamond Development Initiatives is committed to every facet of the ideals of participatory development. Our experience reveals that our rural communities are generally left out of meaningful development and the benefits therefrom, because they lack the resources and skills needed to compete in our increasingly technological and modern society. Sadly, traditional development schemes often underestimate the transferability of attitudes and characteristics necessary for their adoption and success. Poor people have therefore had to adapt and join the development parade, or are left behind, with little say in the matter.

At the other end of the spectrum, has been the idea and challenge of responsive, participatory development, which gives first priority to the development ideas of the people who stand to directly benefit from the fruits of those ideas.

Diamond Development Initiatives is committed to the concept that development projects are most likely to succeed when there is active involvement and commitment of those people who will be affected by, and have a vested interest in the activity to be pursued. Ideally then the projects that we would be interested in are those that are initiated by, reflect the priorities of, and present the ideas put forward by the members of the implementing group. Such projects are the result of a self-directed effort based on a shared vision of, and commitment to, solving a problem that affects them.

Diamond Development Initiatives acknowledges the rights of groups and communities to control their lives including the decision over what and how development activities should be pursued. It would greatly interest us to see that development projects have a clear evidence that they have been initiated by an organization or group that has broad based participation of its members in the decision making process. All members of the group will then see themselves as the owners of the project, with vested interest in, and commitment to undertake the tasks required for the project to be successful.

Diamond Development Initiatives believes that by encouraging people to identify their problems, create and implement their own solutions, they empower themselves and their communities.