About Us

Diamond Development Initiatives (DDI) is a not-for-profit development consulting organization. Our corporate office is located in Abuja with branch offices in Kaduna and Kano.

Our knowledge and experience of development issues in Nigeria, experience in the use of participatory development methodologies in the design, planning, implementation and the monitoring and evaluation of projects are a cutting edge that can hardly be found anywhere else in Nigeria.

DDI has experience in community development and is conversant with the use of participatory development tools such as situation assessment and analysis, logical frameworks, risk analysis, the design and implementation of participatory monitoring and evaluation systems. Our knowledge and understanding of best practices, institutional capacity, and experience in working with international development organizations and the ability of our staff to support projects in an efficient and cost effective manner to ensure the continuous relevance, accountability and sustainability or programs are a competitive edge any day.

DDI has since inception in 2002, actively supported social and economic development activities including agriculture, micro and small enterprise (MSE) development, micro finance, trade and investment initiatives and participatory development best practices.